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Summer Shred Transformation Program Enrollment Opens April 15th
Summer Shred Transformation Program Enrollment Opens April 15th

Rumble Challengers

Greetings, Rumble Challengers!

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and active participation in the Rumble Reset. Your commitment to this journey is truly commendable, and I am here to address some important points and alleviate any concerns you may have.

  1. Empowering Information: a. I understand that some of the information provided by InBody & FitManager may seem daunting. Let me clarify the significance of certain numbers to better guide you on your transformative journey.

    i. Lean Body Control: Don't let this number intimidate you. It serves as a safety indicator, assuring both you and us that you can safely lose a certain amount without harm. It's a precautionary measure to ensure your well-being, not a judgment of your worth.

    Coming from a personal history of weighing 280lbs, I emphatically emphasize that no one should feel ashamed of their body or obligated to shed any specific amount of weight.

    ii. Goals Section: Your goals are based on your desires – whether it's losing, gaining, or maintaining. We are your partners in achieving YOUR aspirations. Goals are set thoughtfully, never exceeding 2 pounds per week, usually ranging between 1.22-1.5 lbs per week, aligning with your provided information.

    iii. Inclusive Environment: Active Nutrition and Rumble are dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive space. We are here to champion YOUR goals, ensuring a safe and collaborative journey with ANS and Rumble.

  2. Enhanced Setup: a. Our system is designed to present information on a screen for your convenience. However, it's crucial that you feel secure in knowing your information is private. Rest assured, I have instructed my team to refrain from displaying Rumble Challenger information on the screen.

    i. Your Privacy: Feel free to request a private review on the iPad if a staff member begins to present your information on the screen. Your comfort and privacy are paramount.

  3. Personalized Attention: a. Embarking on this journey can be intimidating. I am committed to fostering an environment where you feel confident and comfortable. If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at 812-306-4448.

In my role as CEO of Active Nutrition, I consider it my duty to listen to your feedback, take responsibility, and make necessary adjustments. Your concerns have been heard, and we are taking immediate action to ensure you feel empowered, confident, and comfortable on YOUR JOURNEY.

Thank you for your patience and trust.

Empowered Regards,


Trevor Baker

President and CEO

Active Nutrition Family of Companies

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