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Summer Shred Transformation Program Enrollment Opens April 15th
Summer Shred Transformation Program Enrollment Opens April 15th

Statement concerning our Customer Surveys from our CEO

Dear Valued Customers,

At Active Nutrition, our mission is to support you in achieving your goals, whatever they may be. Over the past year, we’ve introduced tools like InBody and FitManager in our stores, and we appreciate the feedback you’ve provided through our Customer Feedback Survey. We’d like to address some of the key points raised and clarify how we’re working to enhance your experience.

  1. InBody and FitManager:

    • Optional and Free: Using the InBody and FitManager tools is entirely optional. These tools are offered free of charge to assist you in your journey and to provide scientific data tracking to help you make informed decisions.
    • Accountability and Effectiveness: We encourage everyone to utilize these services because they help us ensure that the products you purchase are effective in helping you reach your goals. This accountability is key to your success and satisfaction.
    • FitPro Membership Benefits: By using these tools, you gain access to our FitPro Membership, which includes early access to sales, $2 energy drinks every day, and much more.

    We understand that the InBody isn’t for everyone, and we want you to feel comfortable shopping with us without any pressure to use it.

  2. Pricing: Our pricing aligns with manufacturer direct pricing. We welcome price matches in all our stores, ensuring you get the best deal without the need to order online. We even match sales prices.

  3. Product Selection: Our goal is to be your trusted source for supplements. We rigorously verify the quality of our products to meet the high standards you expect from Active Nutrition. If there are products you’d like to see in our store, please let us know via direct message on any of our social media channels.

  4. Age Requirement for Fat Loss Products: Starting July 1st, we will require customers to be 18 or older to purchase fat loss products unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. It’s crucial that these products are used correctly, and we want to ensure all risks and benefits are fully understood.

Mark your calendars for August 19th at 6 PM CST for an exciting announcement about what’s next for Active Nutrition. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay updated.

Active Nutrition strives to be your go-to supplement store. We recognize the importance of continuously evaluating our practices to ensure everyone feels welcome in our stores.

As the President and CEO, and one of the owners, I want to emphasize that our clients and customers are our most valuable assets. Your feedback is vital to us. If you have any concerns or simply wish to chat, please reach out to me personally at (812) 316-5684 or at

Thank you for being the best part of Active Nutrition.


President and CEO
Active Nutrition

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