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Summer Shred Transformation Program Enrollment Opens April 15th
Summer Shred Transformation Program Enrollment Opens April 15th

About Active Nutrition and Supplements (ANS)

Active Nutrition and Supplements (ANS), founded in 2020 by Trevor Baker and Austin Woodruff, has been gaining traction in the fitness community due to their unique approach. Rather than utilizing high pressure sales tactics, the founders aimed to create a culture of help and support within ANS. Since its launch in Evansville, IN, it has quickly expanded into 12 communities with full service stores or AI-Driven Pro-Shops located within gyms and fitness centers. What began as a small venture in 2020 is now a well established business with lofty goals for the future - to promote healthier lifestyles across many different communities. ANS is on a mission to offer amazing fitness products and services that will propel people towards their health and wellness goals!

Company Leadership

Trevor Baker

Trevor is Active Nutrition & Supplements CEO/Co-President. Trevor grew up in Small Town USA in Madisonville, KY & Clay, KY. Trevor is the son of Shannon & Kim Baker, and Anthony and Tammy May. He is the Grandson of Gary and the late Joyce Daniel, Wayne & Cheryl Burton and the late David Baker. He has numerous Brother & Sisters.

 Trevor’s passion for the supplement industry came after a huge weight loss journey in his life in 2017. Trevor weighted on average 260 lbs. in Middle, High School and into College. After losing the weight he became very interested in the business side of the fitness and supplement industry. Trevor has always had a heart for helping people so in 2018 alongside his business partner Austin Woodruff they purchased a existing supplement store in Evansville, IN. After 2 years in business Trevor and Austin decided to start their own brand and Active Nutrition & Supplements was born.

 Trevor's background begin in the retail space as Senior Management for local technology company Computers Plus based in Evansville, IN alongside his experience in helping his grandfathers in their businesses in Western Kentucky, and his college education prepared him for the task of owning a retail store in one of the most competitive industries in the world.

 Trevor upbringing can be seen in the business in ANS Core Values and our Family Friendly & Locally Owned approach. Trevor is super excited to see you and to help you reach your goals.

Austin Woodruff

Austin comes from a small town in Indiana and is the Son of Troy & Melissa Woodruff. He has had a passion for Body Building and helping people since his days in High School. He carries a degree in Business

Justin Rottet
Chief Operating Officer

Justin Rottet is the Director of Store Operations for Active Nutrition and Supplements. Justin grew up in Jasper, Indiana of Dubois County. Justin is the son of Phil & Kathy Rottet and the brother of Shelby Seng, Matthew Rottet, and Hannah Rottet.

 Justins passion for health and wellness started when he was in high school. Justin was a multi sport athlete in Football and Wrestling. Justin was one of those athletes where he would do anything he could to try and be better each and everyday. He not only learned how to be better on the field but off as well, through his training and his willingness to learn proper dieting to cater to his goals. As Justin moved to college, he started at Oakland City University. His passions grew even more even though sports were over with. Taking time to learn the benefits of different weight lifting styles and the proper use of nutrition. As time went on Justin transferred to the University of Southern Indiana to further his knowledge in the nutrition field. As this occurred Justin formed a new passion of Bodybuilding. While at USI Justin juggled two jobs, one at Bobs Gym and one at NHQ. As time went on Justin decided to take a brake to follow what he believed in as Active Nutrition and Supplements was made. This is where he was molded to help people everyday with knowledge he has obtained over the years and to help people learn something new each time they come through the door.

 Justin’s background began as a part time sales employee with NHQ. Going above and beyond Justin did everything he could to be more than just a regular sales person to the customers. Later on Justin became the Manager of Active Nutrition and Supplements. Then the Regional Manager and finally the Director of Store Operations. A lot of things have helped Justin get to where he is today. Having Austin & Trevor’s guidance, Justin’s strong people and leadership skills, and Justin’s willingness to go above and beyond for the customers and his staff. Justin has been part of the store ever since the beginning of Active Nutrition and Supplements and lives out our Core Values everyday. Justin is always happy to help anyone and everyone and will give you 110% to help you find what you need.